5 Mexican dishes (besides tacos) you must try on your next visit

Enjoying brand new culinary offers is an important part of any trip, and if you are about to discover the wonderful paradise that Mexico is. We suggest you to make plenty of space in your schedule (and in your stomach) to explore one of the world´s best gastronomies.

Since we all know that eating some good tacos is a must in your visit to Mexico, we would like to suggest you other fantastic options that you cannot miss:


A dish from traditional Mesoamerican origin. It is made from a corn-based dough, covered in banana or corn leaf and steamed slowly in natural ovens. Sure there are many variations of this this dish around the country so you will find them filled with meat, cheese, chilies, vegetables and even sweet variations that can be a perfect dessert. Our suggestion, try as many of this delicious piece of Mexico´s history as you can find.



This is a typical sauce that has a wide variety of types around Mexico. However it is mostly made of dark chocolate, peanuts, chili peppers and a mixture of around 20 other ingredients that transform into a magical sauce that will take your palate to a paradise of flavor. Traditionally served with white rice and chicken or turkey you would not want to miss the chance to try it.



This traditional breakfast is said to cure even the worst hangover and while that could be debatable what it is no is its flavor that is something unique and delicious. This bed of fried tortilla chips is topped with a sauce of your choice (normally green or red), cream, cheese, sliced onions, beans aside and a topping of your choice like scrambled or fried eggs, chicken or a steak. If you feel brave enough to try the spiciest version we are sure you will not regret it.


Cochinita pibil:

A delicious tradition of Mexico´s south east area this dish is so good it will make you ask for a second (or even third) plate. Citrus juice and annatto seed give a strong orange color and unique taste to a slow-roasted pork that can be served in many ways (we suggest you tortas). You absolutely cannot leave Cancun or Merida without tasting your “torta de cochinita”.


Elote preparado:

Known in English as corn in a cob. This is one of the many wonderful street foods you will find on every corner, and it is as delicious as it is popular. This new way to eat a corn, for beginners, Mexican corn is white and lacks the sweet taste of yellow corn, so lime juice, mayonnaise, cheese, salt and chili powder are the perfect dressings for your corn on the cob Mexican style. A Mexican classic that is so good it is worth many Instagram stories.


Are you ready to enjoy this amazing dishes? We at Gay Traveler´s Guide are pretty sure you will enjoy each one of the as much as the beautiful sunsets in Mexico´s beaches.


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