Meet Fran Alvarado: New Mr Gay World 2020

“This opportunity really makes me happy” are the words Fran Alvarado uses to thanks his recent crowning as Mr Gay World 2020.

The decision to name Mr. Gay World 2020 that should have been made on May 2020 in South Africa was canceled due the global health crisis caused by coronavirus. However the direction of Mr. Gay World has decided to go on with the work of the Filipino Janjep Carlos, last year winner by naming Francisco José Alvarado (first finalist last year) to be the new ambassador LGBT+ in the world until the next contest to be held in march 2021 in Johannesburg.

Francisco is the second Spanish contestant to win Mr Gay World, following the steps of Roger Gosálbez who won in 2016. 

Born in Cáceres and currently living in Madrid, this gorgeous and hot man works as a family doctor. 

Former patient and currently helping fight against coronavirus he has declared to have a big responsibility and is proud to represent Spain in the world and wants to give more focus to the health in the LGBTI community.





















After being named Mr. Gay Pride Spain 2020 he has nonstop working in competitions, conferences and campaings to raise awareness about HIV and health.

Currently his duty as a doctor keeps him focused on helping families in this world pandemic situation, waiting for it to end to begin mixing his new duties with his profession.

This is one of those amazing great stories we want to hear during this hard times we are living and definitely there could not be a better candidate to hold this title. We are really looking forward to see how this handsome, smart and cheerful doctor uses this platform to help change the world.



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