LGBT+ art Museums you can virtually visit

How about some gay art to help us withstand this quarantine (or should we say queerantine)? We at Gay Travelers Guide would like to show you some fantastic museums you can visit totally safe from your couch.

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art

Probably the most famous LGBTQ+ art museum located in SoHo New York, one of the most known gay neighborhoods in the city. Is the host of many interesting collections created by artistic masterminds like Andy Warhol. You will be able to enjoy moving pictures, paintings and fancy yet defying sculptures that will wake up your imagination even from distance.


The British Museum

Virtual tours for LGBTQ+ art are available during quarantine, giving you a great chance to explore this museum fantastic artistic displays. We suggest you to take a special look to: Desire, love, identity: LGBTQ Histories a touching yet amazing exhibition.


GLBT Historical Society

This San Francisco located museum will host events and exhibitions virtually until June 30th 2020. Click here  to Access any of its events and take a Deep look to the amazing history of the LGBTQ+ community.

GLBT Historical Society


Los Angeles Museum of Art is an extremely known museum. And though its art is not limited to LGBTQ+ art they do have many gay art masterpieces from important figures like Tom Finland, Robert Mapplethorpe and David Hockney. It`s website has been redesigned to offer a virtual experience by searching the artist of your choice.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

The online version of the beloved MET museum has many amazing things to explore on its virtual tours, and the queer catalogue is not an exception, with a wide variety of queer, Trans, lesbian and gay artist’s representation. This museum is a must for a virtual encounter with queer art and culture.


Being in quarantine is just the excuse. Are you ready to tour the gay art world from your computer? Enjoy this amazing options and let`s keep safe from home while we plan the best trip we will enjoy once everything goes back to normal.

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